Jamaica Data Protection Act
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Data & Privacy Protection

Jamaica Data Protection Act

The course is structured into five sections. The introduction or course overview explains the importance of data privacy, the presence of data protection, and the relationship and distinctions between privacy and security. Module 1 discusses the key concepts of the law, providing an overview of the matters relating to jurisdiction, the regulator, the oversight body, and definitions of key terms under the Act. Module 2 discusses the rights of data subjects, and Module 3 highlights the involvement of data controllers in data protection, their obligations under the law, and the ramifications of non-compliance. Finally, Module 4 outlines the data protection standards that are to be observed in the processing of personal data.
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Course content

    • Module 0: Course Overview
    • Module 1: Overview of the Law
    • Module 2: Rights of Data Subjects and Others
    • Module 3: Requirements for Data Controller and Processors
    • Module 4: Standards for Processing
    • Final Module Quiz
    • Course Completion Survey